Design Sampai Kenyang


DesignOrder is a design subscription service that you use as needed. It's like ordering at a restaurant. Order whenever you're hungry.

Who is it suitable for?


Design pantas untuk marketing design.


Perlukan design presentation deck.


Nak buat logo, brand guideline, website


Perlukan branding untuk media sosial.

How does DesignOrder work?


Choose your serving, Pay for your subscription. We'll stay connected to understand your design needs.


Fill out the design request form. We'll have it ready within 24-48 hours. For more complex requests, it may take up to 72 hours.


Receive the design. Review, check, and provide feedback. If not satisfied, we'll design again.

Design Menu

  • Logo
  • Brand Guideline
  • Social Media
  • Digital Ads Visual
  • Landing Page
  • Presentation Deck
  • Signage
  • Marketing Design

DesignOrder is a design service that grows alongside your business.

Double Serving

RM2600 /bulan
  • Unlimited design request
  • Ready in 24 - 48 hours
  • Unlimited revision
  • Two request at a time
  • Cancel anytime

Single Serving

RM1900 /bulan
  • Unlimited design request
  • Ready in 48-72 hours
  • Unlimited revision
  • One Request at a time
  • Cancel anytime

What's the word on the street?

Who's rocking with DesignOrder?

Still uncertain?

No limits. It depends on demand. We send designs every 24-48 hours. You prepare the backlog, provide quick feedback, and we’ll get them done fast.

DesignOrder is perfect for brands that need flexible design services. For new companies, not every month requires full-fledged design work. Plus, hiring us is more cost-effective because there are no EPF and medical benefits involved.

How dasre you! Haha, just kidding, no worries! You can request a new design until you’re satisfied. It’s counted as a new design request.

All designs will be created by Lokman, Founder of DesignOrder. Lokman has over 15 years of experience in the creative industry and has worked with brands and government agencies such as YES, Ouch!, Wahed Invest, CyberSecurity Malaysia, and Kraftangan Malaysia.

Due to our streamlined workflow, we don’t handle 3D designs, book layouts, or motion graphics.

I'm Hungry!

Place your order now, and we’ll get back to you quicker than you can pronounce ‘Worcestershire sauce’!

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